Choosing the Best Infant Thermometer

Is it too hot? Or is it too cold? Is he/she okay? These are just some of the thoughts that go through a new mother’s mind when her baby got sick. It's natural to get worried and it’s natural to act like a momma bear, protecting and keeping your baby healthy and safe. The best infant thermometer gives you an opportunity to take baby’s temperature easy, fast, and accurate in order to know exactly when to just give medicine, and when to rush your child to the doctor.

Being able to get a quick, accurate reading is imperative when you have an infant, or toddler, or both. Selection of the very best infant thermometer can be rather challenging due to the great variety of brands and models available on the market. In this review, we aimed to deliver the useful list of top-rated thermometers that can be suitable for each of our readers.

1. Digital Baby Dual Mode Thermometer DMT-316b by iProvèn

A new model of the time-proved medical device comes at a reasonable price. The manufacturer can boast the numerous best-sellers. This one is a perfect solution for spot-on temperature measurement that is suitable for all ages. The Head Mode can be used for newborns and it gives an indicative quickscan while it takes just seconds to swipe a forehead. The Ear Mode is suitable for 6-month-olds and up and gives the exact readings in just a 1-second click. In addition to super fast and easy measurements, this very best thermometer for toddlers also features consistent results due to the advanced clinical testing, usable function to recall last 20 readings, and the optimized calibration technology. Backlight and color temperature indication of the display (red, orange, and green) helps at least keep you cool when the fever comes, so you will know for sure when to take action. A few little extras include a soft pouch (velvet bag) for hygienic and easy storage and a 100-day money back guarantee. You can toggle the device from °F to °C, and vice versa.

2. Infrared Digital Forehead and Ear Thermometer by Landbow

This model has an advantage for those who consider that touching forehead is annoying and irritating for a child. The device will also help in preparation of baby food and the indoor temperature control. This best thermometer for infants quickly reads the temperature from the measuring distance that varies between 5 and 15cm, within 1-2 seconds. The device is easy to operate and adjustable to different colors of skin. The advanced infrared detection system gives a precise measurement with the deviation of the temperature measured on the body under 0.3℃. This non-contact baby thermometer features up to 20 measurements stored in memory, making it easy to analyze the temperature fluctuations. You can also easily change between Celsius and Fahrenheit freely. The device is fitted with a large LED-display screen, easily readable even in the dark. The built-in fever alarm (38℃ by default) can be individually set up and the display backlight will change its color to red when the measurement reaches the set value, which is a convenient feature.

3. QuickCare Smart Digital 3-Way Thermometer by Kinsa

This very best thermometer for toddlers has an enhanced set of usable features yet comes at an attractive price. This model is a digital Bluetooth thermometer featuring a wireless connection to almost any Smartphone (Android 5.0 or above and iOS 10 or higher). The smart thermometer takes fast, accurate and reliable temperature readings in 8 seconds or less. It stands out with its ability to keep baby’s health details for your pediatrician accompanied by the possibility to get personalized guidance. The special free app gives you a number readout, an age-based individual guidance and reminders, right on your phone and in real time. You’ll get to know how to soothe symptoms and when to take medicines or call the doctor. This model takes accurate oral, rectal and underarm temperature readings, so it is pediatrician-recommended and FDA cleared for oral, rectal and underarm use for people of all ages, including newborns. Some extras include bubble popping game and Sesame Street Voice Mode, which help your little one feel better.

4. Digital 3-in-1 Probe Thermometer for Kids TH-65 with by Enji Prime

This affordable best infant thermometer will be a tool allowing you to feel equipped with the right knowledge. This FDA-approved digital thermometer features an easy-to-read digital display window with large numbers. A soft beeping sound, a protective plastic storage case, and some extra probe covers make this device comfortable in use. An accurate and fast reading can be taken in less than 10 seconds and is available in either Fahrenheit or Celsius scale. There are three ways of use: rectal, armpit, and orally, which are suitable for people of all ages. The device is waterproof to provide the ability to keep it clean and hygienic. As a bonus, this product comes with Home Remedies e-book that contains useful ideas and helpful solutions to aid in healing common ailments.

5. FDA and CE Approved Baby Digital Thermometer with Flexible Tip by Purple Safety

This very best thermometer for infants features a number of unique and useful options, and yet it’s a bargain. This device was rigorously tested regarding its safety and accuracy to provide reliable results. This thermometer gives an accurate to within 0.2F reading in only 30 seconds. You can measure the temperature with one press of a button and you will hear a fever alarm if the temperature reaches 100.0°F. Memory reserves the last reading for your convenience. The flexible and soft tip design provides a comfortable and safe use for our smallest ones. This waterproof thermometer is designed with the option of an easy sanitation in mind. The product is backed by 100% money back guarantee, which ensures your full satisfaction.


No one can argue that dealing with a baby fever is especially stressful. It is known that a temperature of 100.4°F (38°C) is quite dangerous for babies under 3 months of age. That is why it is important to get a quality, accurate, fast, reliable, and safe baby thermometer. Today, the best infant thermometer should be Mercury-free so to be safe enough for a home use. A good one should also be versatile in ways of use.

Please, keep in mind that experts advise a different way of measuring the temperature for babies of different age. It is useful to know that rectal reading is preferred for newborns, armpit is perfect for infants over 3 months of age, and oral measurement is suitable for children 4 years of age and adults. We hope that our review will help you choose the best thermometer for toddlers and protect your beloved child in the best possible way.

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