Top 5 Best Baby Gates for Stairs

Most parents use baby gates to wall off their precious children against the staircases and other areas that are seemingly dangerous for babies. The best baby gates for stairs are sturdy, tall and difficult to latch by the baby. After all, the baby’s safeguard and protection is the priority for parents. A must have if you are looking for a barrier to protect your kid whose room is upstairs. Although this best top of stairs baby gate is a bit difficult to install, it ensures a good mount even with unparalleled walls, making an effort worth it! Let us check the collection of some of the best baby gates for stairs out there!

Summer Infant Deco Walk-Thru Gate

The best-rated baby gate for stairs, and for all good reason, this walkthrough gate is capable for fitting in any room, though it does come with mounting hardware if parents wish to install this décor piece for the stairs. This tall 36 inches infrastructure is easy to open and close and comes with a handy stopper as well to keep the gate in place on the stairs. What’s more; the door locks once someone passes through it. Since the walk-through gate is considerably very tall, there is no chance of your young baby climbing over to the other side. The design of this gate is sleek and beautiful, with a perfect arch shape. It is available in two colors: beige and blonde.

Munchkin Loft Safety Gate

Only available to be hardware mounted, the Munchkin Loft is explicitly used to be placed on stairs as protection for babies. This safety gate has a very secure mounting system which made it the best baby gate for stairs. It has a two-button locking system, which is easy for adults to manipulate but impossible for a mere child. The plus point about this safety gate is that the door swings open in either direction. It also has the availability of a quick latch fix, as well as the ability to remove the gate door when not in use.

BabyDan Guard Me Gate

This non-transparent baby gate offers full protection, meaning that when the gate is shut, one cannot see from the other side of it. The quite remarkable feature about this Guard-me gate is that it can even be fitted to operate in the tightest of places. Besides that, this gate is also foldable, hence conserving even more space. Indeed one of the most innovative and best baby gates for stairs out there, the BabyDan Guard Me Gate can also be used outside a door frame and shuts easily without any noise, thus not disturbing sleeping children. When placed on the stairs, this gate does not open hence protects the baby even more. We think that its optimal design makes it a unique choice.

Safety 1st Baby Gate

As the name itself suggests, the safety first baby gate is very sturdy and secure and can bear the weight of children climbing over it (but of course you wouldn’t want your kid to do so!). We think that the best feature about this gate is that, unlike other manufactured baby gates, this one requires minimum assembly with just a screwdriver and fifteen minutes at hand to do the trick! The particular downside would be that the gate itself isn’t very tall enough, so this gate isn’t a good option for toddlers. However, if your kid is still an infant, then there is no need to worry over the gate’s height. It’s an easily lockable latch and directional locking to stop the gate from opening the wrong side on the stairs; this baby gate is definitely worth the consideration!

Summer Infant Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Another entry by Summer Infant, and almost just as good, this is one of the best baby gates especially if have a wide staircase. This best baby gate for stairs is primarily used for corridors and doorways but is not a good option if you have steep stairs. The material is metal and is very sturdy. The gate also comes equipped with protection against floor scratching. This remarkable gate is available in bronze color and is also fitting as a décor piece. The entrance has a very secure operating latch that can be opened from one side, only by adults and not infants. The door also opens directionally, so can be used for stairs, provided the staircase is wide enough. Not correctly made for steeper stairs, prefer this option if you are planning to use this elsewhere especially for more full stairs!


The best top of stairs baby gates are a must if you parents are working people and you need to protect your precious one against the harsh staircase. These gates provide extra cautions when your baby starts to walk from the crawling! These gates should also be considered if you are on the lookout for sturdy and tall gates that provide a barrier to your baby, especially when you are off guard. We do believe that despite some great baby gates being available out there; choose only that one which tends to your requirements considering the size and shape of your home.

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