Parenting can be CRAZY, it can be the most beautiful and surreal experience one minute and then it can turn itself over its head. Our mission is to make parents aware about baby products that exist in the market suited to their particular needs that will make parenting a bit easier and an enjoyable experience.

Who are we?

At Born2bemom.com, we review various baby products and deliver informative articles about them. The aim of these articles are to impart information and knowledge about different products that are available in the market. After an elaborate and extensive analysis of each product, a review is written considering essential criterions like specification of the product, usefulness, pros and cons, real user reviews, etc. But it would be a daunting task if you had to find what you’re looking for from a mountain of hundreds of products and reviews. We save you from that hassle by compiling unbiased reviews of products into convenient lists of best products that helps you make an informed decision before you press that ‘buy’ button.

Our History

I’m Kirsten the admin at Born2bemom.com. A mother of two boys I’ve seen best and the worst side of being a parent. Apart from my own, I’ve also had my fair share of experiences with newborns and babies as a former Newborn Specialist. In the past, a lot of my clients and friends would call inquiring about various baby products that would be the best for their little ones. Though I was always glad to help out parents in making the best choice it wasn’t always fun sharing the same information over and over again. So I decided to start this site where parents can get access to quality and unbiased information at the tip of their fingers. And I’m only happy to share my views, reviews and experiences through this platform and hopefully be of help to parents looking for solutions and information. HAPPY PARENTING!