5 Best Glass Baby Bottles: a Buyer’s Guide

For every new mom, feeding a baby is more than feeding. It is a special moment of bonding. What is a perfect baby bottle? So many men, so many minds, especially when it comes to the selection of a right baby bottle. Many people believe that the best glass baby bottle is what a worthy baby bottle ought to be. Glass is a natural, recyclable, and safe material, it is also easy to clean and odor and stain resistant. A comfortable latch provided by a natural-shaped nipple is also very important for a comfortable and healthy baby feeding. You may be surprised by how tedious it can be to find well-rated and sturdy very best glass bottles for breastfed babies today. We’ve created our review as the response to the new mothers’ needs.

1. Classic Feeding Glass Twist Bottles, 8 oz., 6-Pack by Evenflo

This affordable and quality set of the best glass baby bottles is our number 1 choice and definitely the best at a fraction of cost. This set includes six tempered glass baby bottles featuring the classic shape with a little twist, which allows easy and comfortable holding of these bottles even with the tiniest hands. For the ultimate safety, these baby bottles are made of FDA approved and BPA-free food-grade materials. The design comprises only 3 pieces and can be assembled in a moment. A quick, thorough cleaning is another advantage of such a few-part design. The bottles are also dishwasher safe and fitted with the clearly visible molded measurement markers in both ounces and milliliters for your convenience. Each bottle is accompanied by the slow-flow soft silicone nipple, equipped with Micro Air Vents that promote a more comfortable feeding experience by preventing collapsing of the nipple. This product is also a timesaver as it’s compatible with the majority of standard neck breast pumps, so you won’t waste your time pouring milk from a container into a feeding bottle.

2. Natural Glass Baby Bottles, 4 oz., 3-Pack by Philips AVENT

This particular unit of the best glass bottles for breastfed babies comes at a reasonable price and ensures the optimal and natural way to bottle feed. The set consists of three 4-ounce glass bottles accompanied by three silicone nipples for newborns and a bottle cap. The design is simple, which makes it easy to be assembled from only a few parts, while the wide bottle neck opening makes cleaning and filling easier. You can easily combine bottle feeding with breastfeeding, as these wide, breast-shaped nipples were created to promote a natural latch. In addition, the unique comfort petals, an advanced anti-colic system with innovative twin-valve is collated directly inside the nipple. It prevents nipple collapsing and offers a softer, more flexible feel instead. These baby bottles are made of pharmacy-grade borosilicate glass, BPA-Free, heat and thermal shock resistant, while their ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable grip for parents and precious owners of very small fingers.

3. DIY Kit: BPA-Free Glass Baby Bottles, 8 oz., 2-Pack by Mason Bottle

If you like to create and combine things, you may possibly like this DIY kit for baby feeding. Use the 8 oz. original Mason jars that you’ve already got to transfer them into a set of the best glass baby bottle. This mid-priced set includes a silicone sleeve compatible with 8 oz. regular-mouth mason bottle, a plastic cap, and 2 breast-like slow-flow silicone nipples. In this way, you can cover your needs in breast-milk storage and baby food portions, as well as your further need in toddler training cups. The medical-grade silicon nipples are naturally shaped and fitted with built-in vent holes to give the ideal wide latch and smooth milk flow in order to prevent gas and colic. This product is fully American-made and contains no BPA or other toxic chemicals. The set itself is dishwasher safe while the jars are stackable and freezer safe to provide the incredible ease of breast milk storage and convenience of cleaning.

4. Glass Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve, 4 oz., 2-Pack by Lifefactory

This premium quality best glass baby bottle is a bit costly; however, its vivid, sophisticated design is a great advantage. Each of two bottles comes with a silicone nipple for newborns, it is non-toxic and latex-free. The bottle itself is made of borosilicate glass, which means its thermal shock resistance (freezer safe and can be boiled). Both a bottle and a silicone sleeve are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The brightly colored silicone sleeve with measurements promotes getting a new tactile experience during feeding yet provides a secure grip and the additional protection against accidental breakage. The breast milk storage is simple as never before as the silicone sleeve can be frozen and boiled along with the bottle. The entire product is BPA, PVC, polycarbonates, and phthalates free and completely safe. As a bonus, this model offers a clear cover that can be also used as an easy to hold cup, as your baby grows.

5. Baby Glass Bottle, 4oz., 2-Pack by HEVEA

This premium-grade product is definitely one of the best glass baby bottles for babies 3-24 months old. The borosilicate glass bottle features a well-made thick, sturdy glass. It does not leach toxic chemicals such as BPA, phthalates, or PVC. Its all-natural and eco-friendly smooth and non-porous surface is odor-free and extremely hygienic. This rugged bottle is equipped with a non-wide mouth that also fits some specialized nipples. The anti-colic nipple is made of 100% natural medical-grade rubber coded. The nipple mimics a natural latch really well, providing a medium flow. The unit also has screw caps manufactured from a food-grade polypropylene. As a little extra, the bottle comes with a rubber ring for easier grasping by a baby. It can be also occasionally used as a toy, and this is certainly a plus.


Choosing the best glass baby bottle for a picky baby is usually a challenging task for a new mom. Firstly, selecting an environmentally kind product is important to most of us. Secondly, a bottle that fits most standard breast pumps will make breastfeeding and milk pumping not a time-consuming task but a pleasure. Thirdly, the best glass bottles for breastfed babies which have a few-part design promote you will have nothing to lose or misplace. Fourthly, clearly readable measurement markers help take the guesswork out of feeding and fasten the process of measuring the volume of liquids needed. And, finally, the special features of a baby bottle’s look should be attractive and pleasant both for you and your baby. The choice of the right baby feeding bottle strongly depends on the individual. That’s why our advice is simply a guide, the choice is yours.

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